What is Digital Campus?

Flowing Wells Digital Campus is the district’s virtual high school. The online learning platform offers a traditional diploma track, but on a flexible schedule. Students are enrolled in classes on-line and attend school through their Edgenuity.com account. This is where they learn by completing activities, lessons, and assessments. The virtual learning environment is supported by certified Teachers of Record, and a facilitation room is even offered for that personal connection to learning.

All FWDC students are expected to take and pass state tests.

Yes, FWDC students may participate in FWHS sports, as long as they have completed athletic eligibility paperwork on file and are meeting the average weekly attendance and completion requirements. 

Attendance Requirement: Students must maintain a minimum average of 25 hours per week for the attendance requirement. Need a break from the lessons? Then be sure to “bank” hours the week prior. Students may not have a two-week attendance deficit. A 30-hour goal is recommended for students who are behind in credits. The Digital Campus attendance week spans Monday-Sunday, 24 hours per day. It’s learning on your schedule!

Completion Requirement: Students should complete an entire semester course every 2 – 3 weeks. This seems like a lot, but if you are focused on your learning and meeting your attendance requirement, you will finish on time. Remember to save your notes for review prior to state testing.

Call 696-8904 to register or to reserve space in the facilitation room.